under pressure.

“Why can’t we give love…  
Love’s such an old fashioned word 
And love dares you to care for 
The people on the edge of the night 
And love dares you to change our way of 
Caring about ourselves”

Under Pressure

By Queen. 

It’s great insight isn’t it? why can’t we just give more love? Love is an action word, that’s why. It’s hard to do. It’s not easy to give of ourselves to another person. It requires more than just saying it. It requires not simply the words, not even just an action. It makes us look at ourselves. It challenges us to keep ourselves accountable to others.  It pushes us to care for people we might be nervous about caring for. We might get our hands dirty. This song was written decades ago. It is even more relevant today.

“This is our last dance 
This is ourselves 
Under pressure” 

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