a new picture.


 i’ve been busy painting a new picture, not with paint but with a new city. i’ve been busy trying to plant roots that we picked up and moved to a new scenery.

recently my wife and i re-located to Chicago with a new job, a new sense of adventure and a lot of… “wow this is crazy” and “whoa, this is weird”. life is funny that way. you can dream and push and pull and hope for something to happen and when the opportunity presents itself, we better know what to do with it.

Chicago has been a dream of mine for a very long time. in general big-city living has been my goal (i also dreamed of playing in the NBA and being Michael Jordan’s replacement with the Bulls, but… whatever). one thing i’ve learned about dreams is, unless you are willing to actually do something about them, they just stay up there in your mind. dreams are nothing without a plan. without action it is pointless to dream because without action, dreams won’t get you far. people who have known me for quite a long time know that my existence in Grand Rapids was with one foot in and one foot out a majority of the time. I was usually busy day dreaming about being somewhere, sometimes, anywhere else. that’s not an indictment of Grand Rapids, it’s home for both my wife and I and it’s a beautiful city. sometimes you just have to try something new and uncertain.

so the question, is Chicago everything I dreamed it would be? well i have always been a big dreamer, and yet Chicago is still even bigger. it’s a funny sort of mix of fancy and gritty. it has it’s beauty yet knows how to flex it’s muscles when it needs to. i’m proud of my midwest roots and i’m proud to still call the midwest my home. midwesterners in general, we are down to earth, we are passionate, we maintain our values but we still love a good time. but you push us, mess with our friends or family and you have another thing coming. that’s Chicago in a nutshell. that’s why i love this city, you can get the big city feel and feel right at home.

i like this life. i like the ability we have to change our scenery if we want to. i like that we can hold on to our roots and still push for something more and different and bigger or smaller or whatever it is we want. we can re-set  when we need to, we don’t ever need to let life get stale. has this change been hard? of course. it’s never easy to flip your life upside down but that’s the challenge we get to pursue, to flip it back. or to paint a new picture. i’m not quite sure what the future holds, and for once in my life, i don’t think i’m all that concerned. i think i finally have both of my feet in the same city.

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