the fast-break nation.

we are the fast-break nation.

our attention span is about… (this big).

we need everything fast. we need everything now. it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, as long as we don’t have to wait for it.

typing LOL and 4ever and luv u has become acceptable because we can’t be bothered to spell out the real words. do we even remember that KFC, UPS and FedEx aren’t official names of companies? I’d type out the titles of the companies but that would be too much of a pain, right?  we don’t like waiting in line, traffic is the worst and we will eat fast food because we’ve got places to be, even though it barely registers as real food. Really, you think McDonald’s is quality food? but we’ll sacrifice health for speed. weird. and we know all hell will break lose if we have to pull ahead and wait for our food. don’t they know i need that double quarter pounder with extra cheese and bacon? i’m hungry. how did they not plan for this? i’ve been in line 6 minutes and 23 seconds now! ain’t nobody got time for that.

don’t get me wrong. i’m guilty of all this. i have a small meltdown when someone  actually has the audacity to, drive the speed limit. i just about lose my mind at the grocery store because shoppers take their sweet ol’ time pushing their cart down the aisle. don’t they understand i’m trying to get to the chip aisle? it’s very important that i get there… now!

we live life on a fast-break. we are in a rush to… be in a rush. we have to be busy. we have to be on the go. we have to be doing… something. we need to fill up our time because we don’t have time to not have time for things. that would make us, what? slow down? no one wants that.

what are we in a rush from?

and why are we always trying to cut time?

why don’t we have time for anything?

every once in awhile, it’s kind of cool to take amtrak instead of a plane, even if it takes an extra few hours. sometimes it’s cool to see the view from the ground.

sometimes it’s important to walk instead of run. when we are always running, we miss the details that makes us who we are. without the details, there isn’t much left.

once in a while, we need to take a moment to breathe. now and then we need to enjoy the scenery. we need take a moment simply to not let that moment pass us by.

too busy.

life is for the moment.

right? isn’t that all we have?

yet, we live in this fast paced world where we have convinced ourselves we don’t have time for the small things in life. think about it, we don’t even have time to say Kentucky Fried Chicken or Federal Express or General Motors or General Electric. we don’t have time to type out “i don’t know” or “talk to you later.” it just takes too long.

we are just too busy for these things.

 we sacrifice our bodies for fast food. we trade in our social skills for social media. we surrender deep rooted friendships to “do lunch” or for “coffee dates” because we are just too busy to put real effort into them. we have too much on our plate.

but what are we doing that makes us so busy? when people ask me what i’ve been up to, i usually shrug and say “oh you know… workin’ and… stuff.” but i don’t know if i really am doing much at all. i can’t even imagine what my time waste basket looks like, because i’m sure i’ve thrown a good deal of it away doing a whole lot of nothing. that’s the problem with living in an ADD culture. we get too busy not having time for anything that we end up doing nothing of substance at all. we take our acronyms and our half hour coffee breaks with a select few “close” friends and we live a carved out existence we have deemed safe enough that we don’t truly have to engage in anything.

why don’t we want to engage? what is so safe about all this time we are supposedly saving for ourselves? we rush around trying to fit everything in, yet aren’t we missing something? i write this as someone who is as much a member of the attention-deficit-disorder generation as anyone. i fear that all this attention i put on giving myself enough time and space will end up hurting me in the end. i fear that when i wake up, everyone will have moved on because i was too busy worrying about being too busy.

i can’t say much will change for me just because i wrote this little anthem, mainly as a reminder to myself, but i would like to think i will give more time to the people who matter the most and maybe even more time to those who don’t get enough of it from me. life is in the small things and even more, it is in the moments we decide not to shorten.

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