not okay.

did you know?

that 884,000,000 human beings in 2010 go without access to safe drinking water?

that 2,600,000,000 people in 2010 live without basic sanitation needs?

that over the last 2 years, the number of hungry people has increased by 115,000,000?

that every 7 seconds a child dies from hunger-related causes?

these are –

men. women.

sons. daughters.

fathers. mothers.

brothers. sisters.

aunts and uncles.

grandpas and grandmas.

people with heartbeats and a story to tell

just like you and me.

this is simply not okay.

it is not okay to live in a world where selfish desires are acceptable. it is not okay to accept an environment where arrogance and greed can be tolerated. it is not okay to turn our backs, our minds and our hearts to the tragedies suffered on a daily basis by billions of human beings around the world.

it is a matter of human dignity.

the most fundamental of our basic daily survival is water. food. shelter. sanitation.

these are things you and i do not consider as optional. we do not go a day without these, even in the most basic forms (or what we  consider basic). yet these are not options for so many. too many.

they need that option.

all of us. each one of us can make a difference. it is up to us. you. me.

there are many ways to get involved.

get educated. show love.

be love.

if not us, who?

there are many ways to get involved. to learn more. to help. here are just a few links to get started.
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