like a parade.

let me start by saying… America is Beautiful.

We have better opportunities here than anywhere. I’m very proud to be an American… but. the other day i saw something that truly disgusted me.

at a large public gathering in a nearby lakeshore town, a woman was speaking about her trips to Honduras, working with young girls at what i presume to be an orphanage there. In order to illustrate the good works her and her teams have done over the years, she decided it would add value to her speech to bring a young Honduran girl, probably 16-17 years old, up with her in front of the crowd of hundreds.

like a parade.

the poor girl was brought in front of the crowd to hold a placard with pictures and stand silent while the lady told the crowd how once you go to another country like Honduras, you realize America is the greatest nation in the world (I believe America to be great, i also believe it was unnecessary to make this point while a Honduran citizen was in her presence). She spoke about how they had brought the girl here to teach her responsibility, get her U.S driver’s license, and teach her English. She was so proud of how much they had done for this girl and how they were hoping she would go back to Honduras to run the Home there. awesome. except…

what is the purpose of American-izing the girl?

yes we do have our way of doing things here that works for us. bringing someone out of their culture, teaching them another culture and then transplanting them back to their native culture is completely counter-productive. besides appearing arrogant about her own good deeds, it is so sad that this view is shared by so many Americans. (the Iraq War for example) we try so hard to spread our ideals around the world that we neglect the simplest of factors = our culture is not THEIR culture. we push our hopes, our dreams, our expectations to other regions of the world where the mindset, the desires are much different from our own.  even our religion is different, with our own American spin.

the message here is that despite our successes (and failures), as Americans it is not our duty to American-ize the world. it is not our right to decide what faith, government, ideals others around the world should believe in. What we have here works, it does not mean it should work globally.  yes, peace and prosperity should abound for everyone, but who decides how that should be applied? do we get to bring people out of their state of culture to teach them that we do it better than they do? I love the United States of America, but we are off base if we think that we have the right and obligation to ensure that everyone does as we do. at least… according to me…


is it just me?

or does it seem like the world has gone chaotic? seemingly, life has turned into the next disaster, natural or otherwise. we wait until we see BREAKING NEWS! across the TV screen and then we sit in some sort of muted awe at what we see. we think, “how could this be?” as if somehow our innocence has been shattered for the first time.

since 1998. we have withstood:











Housing market crash.

Economic meltdown.

Kobe vs. Shaq.

ESPN overload.

Tea Party Activism.

Jersey Shore.

we have experienced a great deal of crisis in a relatively short amount of time. it has become a chaotic world. what do we do with it?? what is our relief? it appears that our way of thinking has become corrupted. by what? media. hollywood. ourselves.

we have been inundated by technology. we have succumbed to the power of “others”– meaning– we have come to expect “others” to take the fall, to be responsible, while accepting less and less responsibilities for our own actions. we blame government. we say it’s all their fault. we form activist groups bordering on hate because we hate that we think the “others” hate us.

when we decide that enough is enough, it is NOT that we say enough of what THEY do is enough. it is what WE do. it is enough of our own action.

we have witnessed a lot. more than we should in a lifetime, let alone a decade. but  blame  does not heal us. it does not repair wounds. once we are able to let go of our own hate, our own selfish pride, our own undignified reactions — then we can try to fix the world.

until then. look inside.

The Beat…

Everyone knows the saying: “it’s just a game”. Implying that it really doesn’t matter in the end. False.

Sports is just as much a part of our community, just as much a fabric of our lives as any other aspect of culture. I could spend most of my time here talking about the business aspect of the sporting industry, which is a $400 billion a year industry, clearly suggesting that sports is more than “just a game”. But I won’t because those numbers speak for themselves.

What I will say is that the impact of sports cannot be measured by dollars and cents. The treasure that we find in sports, from youth sports to professional leagues; is the teamwork, the life lessons, the camaraderie and the way sports allows us to vicariously live a separate life from the mundane-ness we experience daily. Some of my greatest memories as a kid are the summer days playing baseball in the yard, the early fall months of tossing the football around with the neighbors or even elementary school recess soccer. (I was so good, I think I missed my calling!)

Sports captures the creativity in us. Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Wayne Gretzky. These guys were just as much artists with their craft as they were athletes. Cal Ripken, Jr. is revered, for what? He just played a game. John Elway is a legend. Why? All he did was play a game right?

It’s not just a game. It’s the beat our hearts makes during the final seconds of overtime. It’s the beat our hearts make when we cling to the edge of our seats as the game-winning shot goes up. It’s the beat of our hearts when we watch a friendly softball game between friends go down to the wire. Sports is not simply a game. It is so much more. It’s the beat…

Still No Replacement for Air.

if the FANS don’t like you, neither will the sponsors. This is the difference between Michael and Lebron, Michael understood that even though he had God-given once-in-a-millennium talent, he had to portray himself as the guy who lives down the street. Heck, even Brett Favre understands that much! LeBron fancies himself as not just a basketball player, but a celebrity, an icon. No one likes athletes and celebrities who act simply because they can or simply because everyone is afraid to tell them no.

how do you replace a replace a legend who refuses to be replaced?

Michael Jordan will grace the cover of 2K Sport’s NBA 2k11 this fall… which is great for the fans, but bad if you are David Stern, Lebron James or any NBA star not named Kobe Bryant (who was on the 2K10 cover). This is a further indictment of the image problems the league continues to face. The most marketable star the 2K Sports people could find to be the lead for their product has been retired since the end of the 2002-03 season (though some could argue that the REAL MJ actually retired in 1998).

Yes Air Jordan is widely accepted as the Greatest of All Time, but we haven’t seen EA Sports come out with John Elway or Joe Montana on the cover of their hit MADDEN NFL series (though they did attempt to insert a “retired” Brett Favre on the cover before his comeback with the Jets a couple seasons ago, but that doesn’t really count does it?). 2K hasn’t produced THE SHOW with Barry Bonds (and never will) as it’s lead.

The point is,  it is incredible that the current NBA 2-time MVP Lebron James is NOT on the cover. Further proof of the lack of star power that today’s NBA athlete truly has. Clearly self-promotion only gets you so far, right “King” James?? He can self-hype himself as KING and promote one-hour specials about himself, where he looks not the least bit comfortable or happy for that matter, but the simple truth is, if the FANS don’t like you, neither will the sponsors. This is the difference between Michael and Lebron, Michael understood that even though he had God-given once-in-a-millennium talent, he had to portray himself as the guy who lives down the street. Heck, even Brett Favre understands that much! LeBron fancies himself as not just a basketball player, but a celebrity, an icon. No one likes athletes and celebrities who act simply because they can or simply because everyone is afraid to tell them no.

The moral of the story remains the same. For all of the attempted “Next Jordan’s”, there is still no replacement for Air Jordan. Until today’s athlete learns to promote their public image like Michael Jordan, there never will be another Mike. At least… According to Me…

5_ things…

so i’ve been observing this summer of sports and a few conclusions i have come to:

1_ Lebron James is not and never has been who he proclaims himself to be. In order to be KING, you have to conquer something. so far.. epic fail in that context.

2_ Dwayne Wade is closer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant than Lebron. This is in regards to closer status. Not trying to hate on LBJ as much to give props to those deserving. Don’t forget about Paul Pierce. Lebron CAN do it, it just seems he doesn’t want to… which in no way do I understand.

3_ The Yankees will always be my favorite baseball team. Keep hating.

4_ The World Cup was amazing. What a world class event! However I would assume that without the USA going past the first round, we would not have cared whatsoever.

5_ The NFL is the real KING. Fantasy Football has me drooling for fall.

ohhh yea… one more thing

I forgot the most important thing…

this blog is specifically only going to be about sports because that is all i care about.

and music.

and religion.

and politics.

and current events.

and why Lindsey Lohan is embarrassment to our society. and why sitting in the local pub with friends debating pop culture for hours is one of my favorite things to do. so yea… specifically only about everything going on in society.

Cool??? Cool. At least… According to Me…

Just a lil’ introduction…

The world NEEDS another blogger! yes yes yes!!! Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t want my voice heard!!! People everywhere have been begging and pleading for another useless, trivial opinion about things that don’t matter and since I am sooooo good at talking about things that have no relevance… why not add my name to the list… so… here I am…

Who am i? James. I like sports. and music. and simple things like sitting on my porch and watching cars drive by. (and if you saw the road I live on, you would know that the same seven (7) cars drive by all day… not exactly a bustling metropolis is Byron Center). I am obsessed with social media… facebook and twitter have gotten the best of me … and for some strange reason I love politics (though when people say “i hate politics!” i pretend to agree).

So anyway, this is me. and this is my blog. I may be politically correct at times and other times I may be controversial. Sometimes my use of grammar will be excellent, and other times my ranting and raving will distract me from correct capitalization and punctuation marks.

you can find me on facebook @ and twitter @

so until next time… this is my blog. it’s