5_ things…

so i’ve been observing this summer of sports and a few conclusions i have come to:

1_ Lebron James is not and never has been who he proclaims himself to be. In order to be KING, you have to conquer something. so far.. epic fail in that context.

2_ Dwayne Wade is closer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant than Lebron. This is in regards to closer status. Not trying to hate on LBJ as much to give props to those deserving. Don’t forget about Paul Pierce. Lebron CAN do it, it just seems he doesn’t want to… which in no way do I understand.

3_ The Yankees will always be my favorite baseball team. Keep hating.

4_ The World Cup was amazing. What a world class event! However I would assume that without the USA going past the first round, we would not have cared whatsoever.

5_ The NFL is the real KING. Fantasy Football has me drooling for fall.


ohhh yea… one more thing

I forgot the most important thing…

this blog is specifically only going to be about sports because that is all i care about.

and music.

and religion.

and politics.

and current events.

and why Lindsey Lohan is embarrassment to our society. and why sitting in the local pub with friends debating pop culture for hours is one of my favorite things to do. so yea… specifically only about everything going on in society.

Cool??? Cool. At least… According to Me…

Just a lil’ introduction…

The world NEEDS another blogger! yes yes yes!!! Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t want my voice heard!!! People everywhere have been begging and pleading for another useless, trivial opinion about things that don’t matter and since I am sooooo good at talking about things that have no relevance… why not add my name to the list… so… here I am…

Who am i? James. I like sports. and music. and simple things like sitting on my porch and watching cars drive by. (and if you saw the road I live on, you would know that the same seven (7) cars drive by all day… not exactly a bustling metropolis is Byron Center). I am obsessed with social media… facebook and twitter have gotten the best of me … and for some strange reason I love politics (though when people say “i hate politics!” i pretend to agree).

So anyway, this is me. and this is my blog. I may be politically correct at times and other times I may be controversial. Sometimes my use of grammar will be excellent, and other times my ranting and raving will distract me from correct capitalization and punctuation marks.

you can find me on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/thejamesaarongilmore and twitter @ http://www.twittter.com/TheJayGil77

so until next time… this is my blog. it’s