what have we become?

we are living in the twilight zone.

i’m old enough to not be surprised by much, but i’ll never be too old to be disappointed. that’s where i’ve landed today.

we’re living in an age where a woman’s pain and anguish is overshadowed by powerful men with louder voices. by rich men who take what they want because they know their defense can succeed by simply pointing at the other side in a fit of “whataboutisms”.

there are no winners and losers here. survival is determined simply by who is less dirtied by the mud-slinging.

is this who we are? is this what we’ve really become? is this who we really want to be?

we are citizens in a world that pushes back against truth by dictating the terms of how we consume our reality. the louder the voice and the more the phrase is repeated is how we become believers. we have become too lazy to search for truth. too lazy to realize how ignorant we’ve become.

in order to establish your truth, find a light. find your center. find what is real. not what’s been dictated to you. not what you’ve been told. not what you’ve been told to believe. fight for your knowledge, fight for your beliefs. your intellect isn’t dependent upon someone else’s negligence.

we don’t have to believe the same things. we don’t have to agree. but we do share this earth. we do share this community. what’s good for you should be in my best interests. we may fail, we may fall, but we should be helping each other out of the mud.


writing gives..

I miss the elements that writing gives. I have been so busy with school and work and an internship that I have neglected my favorite hobby. Being allowed to write out my thoughts and to have people read them and respond to my words gives me so much more pleasure than what I can give back to the art of writing.
I am not sure that I will ever be able to contribute to the vast amount of thought that others have already given, but I will continue to try. It is my goal to present to anyone who reads my words a fresh voice, an original theory and a challenging discipline. Soon and very soon, I will have more postings on here. Until then...


I have to do this.

I have to burn on MICHIGAN football

Everyone knows: all we want is wins.

i remember not being happy with a 10-3 season. THAT was unacceptable.

now unacceptable is

0-3 vs.

both Ohio State and Michigan State

a 5-18 conference record

1-11 vs. ranked opponents

It is not about the man (except the part about not being a “michigan man”). I am sure that Rich Rodriguez is a nice guy. I doubt he is looking to lose games. I know he is trying. This is his livelihood. This is how he supports his family. So i feel bad for saying this.

Kind of.

When you agree to be the head football coach at MICHIGAN, you have to understand the magnitude of the program. when you are the head coach of MICHIGAN football, you cannot claim that sort of ignorance and get away with it. you cannot continually blame losses on everything but yourself, especially when you are working with 18-22 year old boys. you cannot declare an intention to turn MICHIGAN football into a great program when it is already the all-time college football leader in wins.

you had to know that:

we expect winners.

we do not like to lose.

especially not to ohio state. (it is not just another game)

orĀ  michigan state (your little brother)

and to all you josh groban fans (if they exist) … it’s really nothing personal.

we just want wins. we just want someone who is angry that they lost to ohio state and sets his schedule around beating the buckeyes. we want someone who understands the mystique of Michigan football.

it is sad but… that just isn’t Rich Rodriguez. he will survive this. he will find another gig.

it is just time for his exit.