a mystery.

[ editors note: this is a post under the page previous writings on this website that I thought I would edit and re-post in this section. It is something I wrote a few years ago.]

What would I gain if I could explain him in a few words, or even a sentence? What if in a paragraph?

I could use every adjective to explain the existence of God.

What would we gain?

Life is a mystery and that is exactly how he wanted it to be. That is where the truest forms of faith reside.
The key word.


Let it hang in the air as you speak it.


What does it mean?

the Bible explains faith as the evidence of things unseen. How could there be evidence of things unseen?

The entire idea of evidence is the fact that it is seen.

Yet God is telling us the opposite.
He is saying that we must believe in the existence of some unseen evidence.

Some unknown evidence that supposedly no one has seen.

We must base our entire belief around this ideal of the unseen.

Can you imagine a murder trial, the prosecution bases their entire case around a murder weapon that they can’t find. The head prosecuter stands before the jury and announces

“we don’t know where that weapon is, but we believe it exists, so therefore so should you. The Prosecution rests your honor.”

Right. Not even close.

That would never fly in the courtroom, but it needs to work in our lives.

It has to.

As a Christian, its all I have. I have to believe in the existence of a supposedly unseen God.

But the idea is important. He is not unknown.

He is not unseen.

I think we just look in all the wrong places.

I wonder if ancient civilizations were  all wrong when they worshipped the sun and moon and stars and the ground and mountains and what not.


I didn’t say we should worship only the elements, I just wonder if that is where and how they saw their God.

Misguided? Maybe not.

I remember the time when i was riding in a bus in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, we were so high up, we drove through clouds.

We were driving in the clouds.

There was just something about that moment. There was nothing unseen about it.

God is everywhere man.

Even in middle of combustion and chaos of city and suburbia living.

Even in the mountains, or next to a Great Lake, or on an island in the Caribbean.

So I wonder, is God all that unseen?

Or do we just look in all the wrong places.

Why is it that we insist that He lives in the church building that man made? When did he move in then? When we approved it?

Sometimes to find something, we have to stop and realize

What we were always looking for was right in front of us the entire time.

am i wrong?

if i don’t believe in what you believe…

does it make my belief wrong?

or are you wrong?

why does anybody have to be wrong?

this is what is hard to understand

why do people attack what they don’t agree with with such ferocity?

i am a man of strong opinions, and i get that not everyone agrees with me. we don’t always agree on everything, or anything. thank goodness for that. variety makes life interesting and a little debating is healthy.

a good, healthy argument stirs something within us to acknowledge our belief system regarding a topic.

but why argue? Seriously, why is there such a raging debate about what another person believes? Are we truly that terrified of our own beliefs? if you truly have confidence in your beliefs, then the thoughts and opinions of others should not shake yours. In the same way, if what we believe in is true and right, then nothing will hold back truth for too long. The term, “the truth will set you free”, applies here.

It should not be a motivation to force others to believe what we believe.

one | divided

‘we’re one

but we’re not the same

will we hurt each other

then we do it again’ – one – U2



one world. one love. one people. one human race.


are we really united as one?

does it feel this way to you?



crimes against each other

political back stabbings and finger pointings

burning the religious teachings our ‘neighbors’ treasure

it really seems difficult to consider us ‘one’ these days.

we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. why does it seem difficult to conceive the notion of us being a truly united nation? is this what the idea was? to conjure up an idea of constructing a wall to keep our neighbors out of our country? one nation we stand? oh well if you look like you might not be from here than we are going to need some identification to prove you belong here. that would make sense, if only there was such a thing as being one hundred percent American with no biological ties to other lands.


we are truly losing grasp on what America was built to be. once there was a time when we wanted to be considered a melting pot. a land where people could assimilate their cultures. we once believed that here, on this land, we could practice religion the way we chose, in our own manner and to which ever god we believed in. we deserved that freedom. is that still the case?

a pastor decides he wants to burn the Koran. the holy book of millions of people worldwide. because he wanted to ‘warn’ the radicals. what is truly sad to me is that his fear of other religions overrides the truth of the God he supposedly follows.


this nation continues to fight internally over political endeavors. blaming the ‘other side’ has become the normal way of life. republicans. democrats. tea party loyalists. the ‘one’ thing in common with them is that they blame everyone else. this is not how the system was supposed to work.

we are one?

even if the Koran was not burned does not mean that pastor altered his hatred of the Islamic faith. sadly he has missed the main message Jesus taught regarding others. this is not the idea Jesus had in mind when He said He was the way. He never said that hatred for others was a relevant part of being a Christian. quite the opposite actually. it is sad how little love has come from such a large group of people.

we are truly losing the battle we created for no particular reason. we demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down but we threaten to build our own. we claim democracy and unity is what the world needs. but we have created barriers within our own borders that make freedoms harder to come by. we send troops overseas to fight wars on foreign soil but we ignore the wars waging everyday here. the wars against the homeless, the addicts, the poor, the flood victims etc. etc. etc. we have lost sight of reality. we have become a people we fought against. we have become the oppressors of freedom instead the ‘beacon of light’ we dreamed of being.

we have become one | divided.

It’s What Separates Us From the Animals

If we don’t stand for something, what is it, don’t we fall for anything?

People die and we barely blink. War is tragic and it is senseless, but we say it’s a necessary evil to fight evil. Have we not become the monster we intended to destroy?  Bono asks…how long do we sing this song? How long?
It’s war, people die…that’s what we say…as if it makes it okay. Handing a mother a folded flag instead of allowing her to see her child grow into old age…that is not necessary…even if it is dignified.

Children are dying because we are looking the other direction. On purpose. People curl up and die on sidewalks, but we are concerned about suburbia, economic growth. What about keeping hearts beating? Generosity? Genuine concern? What have we become?

What is our gift?We have a soul, and we have a conscience.That is our gift.

It is what separates us from the rest of the animals.

God granted us that. For a reason.

When does humanitarianism count? Genuine care for each other? When did that become rare? Why do we praise people for actually caring about others? We give them awards and keys to the city. Why? Because it is rare. But it doesn’t have to be.
Are we not supposed to care about each other? It’s not just Christians banding with Christians. Jews with Jews. Muslims with Muslims. Blacks with Blacks. Whites with Whites. Rockers with Rockers. Rappers with Rappers. Hipsters with Hipsters. We are a “melting pot”.

Life is here. Heaven comes to earth. We should not wait until we reach heaven. Heaven on earth. Peace on earth. How dare we live just to survive?

There is a song that says, “this world is not my home, I am just a passerby”…is that what we are doing…just passing by? How many people do we “pass by” without a second glance…because we are on a higher calling?
Life is here. People should live. Here. Especially if we have the chance to keep them alive. Children should not die before they have a chance to live

This is what would separate us from the rest of the animals

like a parade.

let me start by saying… America is Beautiful.

We have better opportunities here than anywhere. I’m very proud to be an American… but. the other day i saw something that truly disgusted me.

at a large public gathering in a nearby lakeshore town, a woman was speaking about her trips to Honduras, working with young girls at what i presume to be an orphanage there. In order to illustrate the good works her and her teams have done over the years, she decided it would add value to her speech to bring a young Honduran girl, probably 16-17 years old, up with her in front of the crowd of hundreds.

like a parade.

the poor girl was brought in front of the crowd to hold a placard with pictures and stand silent while the lady told the crowd how once you go to another country like Honduras, you realize America is the greatest nation in the world (I believe America to be great, i also believe it was unnecessary to make this point while a Honduran citizen was in her presence). She spoke about how they had brought the girl here to teach her responsibility, get her U.S driver’s license, and teach her English. She was so proud of how much they had done for this girl and how they were hoping she would go back to Honduras to run the Home there. awesome. except…

what is the purpose of American-izing the girl?

yes we do have our way of doing things here that works for us. bringing someone out of their culture, teaching them another culture and then transplanting them back to their native culture is completely counter-productive. besides appearing arrogant about her own good deeds, it is so sad that this view is shared by so many Americans. (the Iraq War for example) we try so hard to spread our ideals around the world that we neglect the simplest of factors = our culture is not THEIR culture. we push our hopes, our dreams, our expectations to other regions of the world where the mindset, the desires are much different from our own.  even our religion is different, with our own American spin.

the message here is that despite our successes (and failures), as Americans it is not our duty to American-ize the world. it is not our right to decide what faith, government, ideals others around the world should believe in. What we have here works, it does not mean it should work globally.  yes, peace and prosperity should abound for everyone, but who decides how that should be applied? do we get to bring people out of their state of culture to teach them that we do it better than they do? I love the United States of America, but we are off base if we think that we have the right and obligation to ensure that everyone does as we do. at least… according to me…