i‘m just a regular guy with the same story as everyone else…

i mean.. EVERYONE has 10 siblings, 4 who are African-American,

3 who are Costa Rican, and 3 who are Caucasian right????

EVERYONE was adopted as a kid and after being re-united with biological family can say they have 3 mothers, 2 fathers and a world full of aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces and nephews between 3 separate families. RIGHT????

WHO hasn’t found out they had a little brother when they were 24? My story is no different than anyone else. Right?

i love sports. i love the aspect of teamwork and bonding together for a common goal.

i love people. sometimes i swear i hate people. but really, i don’t. i love people because there is not a more fascinating creature in this world than a human being.

i love culture. life is meaningless without the variety of cultures and the clashes between them. it provides substance to the mundane.

yea… so there is more… but you get the idea…

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