hushed tones.

you know what gets old? hushed tones.

for instance, if you have an opinion, you find someone like-minded and rush to the corner and whisper in their ear your thoughts. socially it has become so unacceptable to disagree and the worst is actually talking through disagreements. we don’t even dare let anyone know publicly how we feel about anything important, especially politics. i know i’ve been guilty of that. we are so worried about the backlash. but why? we segregate ourselves not just by our skin color or economic levels but by the level of value we place on opposing opinions.

it’s crazy that i have to whisper my displeasure with Trump. who cares if i don’t like him and so what if you do? what does it matter if i’m a liberal and you are conservative? why can’t we have a conversation? i don’t hate america or the troops no matter how many times you are told the opposite. we get nowhere if we are always in our own corners talking negatively about the idiots on the other sides. i think if we actually talked, we would realize we aren’t all that different. we are all idiots anyway.

it’s funny the things that draw the strongest reactions. it’s either politics, sports or religion. generally the reactions are matter-of-fact. “i liked hillary, i’m glad i voted for her.” — “but her emails!” yea. those emails. “hey i think the cubs are going to the world series this year!” — “you’re a moron! they have no pitching!” oh okay. these days it’s the loudest person in the room who gets the most attention, regardless of whether they are actually coherent.

 the thing is, we have so much more in common than we think. i think we’d all be surprised at the lack of differences in our view points. some times i think it’s just that our methods for getting to conclusions are different, but the conclusion itself is basically the same. we all want to love and be loved. we want to be accepted for who we are and we all just want to have a good time and love life. you might have a different way of describing a good time, but it doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground.

there are those who want to divide us, who enjoy the arguments and the flame throwing. i refuse to believe that is truly who we are. as a liberal, sometimes i think conservatives are crazy and i will truly never understand the commitment to donald trump, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t meet in the middle. i hate ohio state with almost every fiber of my being but i’ll still talk to a buckeye if i have to!

we come up with so many new year’s resolutions every year. this year why not just try to see the glaring similarities in others that we otherwise might refuse to see? just like trump said, “what the hell do you have to lose?”

8 thoughts on “hushed tones.”

  1. Hush Tones.
    Those two words are a perfect title . Those two words have a lot of meaning as you explained so nicely.
    Thanks for writing again James. This is something I will ponder this year to quiet my disappointed spirit with peoples opinions and thought process.

    Nicely said…

  2. James! What a great post. Thank you for sharing and for being who you are: graceful with passion. Love you brother!

  3. Frankly, I disagree with your premise. Americans and liberals and those they pander to- and enable have nothing in common of note anymore. It’s actually speaking with them which proves the point. We don’t even share a common language, defining critical words differently as we do.

    And, while I’ve met a few libs who didn’t actively hate our troops, I’ve never met one that actually respected them. Of course, you do mostly hate them since you hate what they do and that’s the same thing, given that we have a 100% volunteer military. And your sort do hate America. If you didn’t, you’d not be against everything it was and is and wouldn’t be trying to change it into something unrecognizable. No! the Liberals’ “love” for America is the same sort of “love” as the abusive man shows his woman when he constantly criticizes everything about her and tries to remake her into his image of a perfect woman.

    1. Interesting observations jonolan. I respect your opinions even though I strongly disagree, but hey that’s okay. I agree that in this climate, conservatives and liberals have different viewpoints, but your insinuation that only conservatives are Americans and only liberals pander to special interests and lobbyists is naive at best. Also, while there is nothing i love more than someone i’ve never met nor had a conversation with telling me how i feel about something, you have clearly listened and then believed the lies and propaganda spread to you that liberals hate America and our troops. It is also not the same thing to hate what they do, even though I do not hate that our soldiers have volunteered their lives to keep us safe and free. I love and respect our troops and the bravery they display every single day. It’s unfortunate that you feel it’s necessary to lower your standard of speech to such levels that you would actually compare my love for my country to an abusive person. I’m not sure i see the logic or connection there. Anyway, cheers to you and good luck with your future endeavors.

      1. Oh, I’ll give that you believe that you love the troops, but liberals like you seem to hate the wars they fight and they’re – me as well a while ago, and my father (a baby burner from ‘Nam) – fighting them voluntarily. So no, you can’t hate the action but love the actor.

        Similarly, I’ll give that you believe that you love America, but is it love when you’re trying to change it’s very nature and denigrate it’s culture and tradition in order to further “social justice?” No, not in my opinion. It’s the controlling abuse that certain sorts show towards what they claim to love but really just want to control utterly.

        Oh, and I never mentioned special interests or lobbyist. You’re projecting. 😉

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