reality rarely matches what we think it should be.

that’s not a negative statement. it’s just that we are in control of what we think life should be. how we view life is basically how it is going to turn out.

contentment is hard to come by.

we use social media to build our self-esteem, or to tear it down. we see our friends posting about vacations and recipes and pictures of baby bumps. essentially, when we see these images, a reaction grows within us. how we react to these images will shape our view of our lives.

it really is hard to be okay with what is happening in our own lives when all we see is everyone else living so much better than us.

so what happens? we develop FOMO.

fear of missing out.

we have a fear of missing out on that vacation. we wish we could cook that meal like our friends on facebook did. we wish our blog sites were better. maybe we should buy a new car, everyone on facebook has awesome cars and they post about them all the time. maybe it’s time we start having kids, it seems like everyone else is. i want to post cute baby pics like everyone else. are we missing out?

it’s enough to drive a person crazy.

FOMO takes many forms. we compare, we envy, we develop jealousy, we judge, we are afraid of being judged. but mainly, we just don’t want to miss out.

i have developed FOMO myself.

 i fear missing out on what my purpose in life is. i fear missing out on traveling to the most beautiful places on earth.  i fear missing out on the best restaurants and the best beers and wines and coffee shops. i fear missing out on the best burger joints. i fear missing out on the best life has for me.

FOMO is a beast.

we develop it when we start comparing our lives to everyone else.

that rarely results in anything good.

it makes us discontent. it makes us feel not good enough. it makes us feel lame.

we always think that the grass is greener on the “other side”.  the only way grass gets green is when we cultivate it. we have to water it, we have to cut it and edge it and pull weeds and put down fertilizer. grass doesn’t simply become green because we planted it.

we think that if we had what we fear we are missing out on, then we will be happy. if we get that job, if we get to travel more.

sorry. it won’t make you happy on it’s own.

we won’t enjoy a new house if we are comparing it to everyone else’s.  we won’t enjoy vacations or cars or dinners or beers if we are just hoping it matches up to what someone else has.

the only way we can get rid of FOMO is by  learning to appreciate where we are, what we are doing, who we have, what we have.

we have to cultivate what we already have before we can enjoy anything else.

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