living in a new city means that everything is different.

you have to find a new go to pizza place. you have to find the aisle where they keep ketchup or bread in the new grocery store (not that i do very much grocery shopping). you have to set your pre-sets to all new radio stations.

it means you have to get gas at a new gas station. and who knows where you can get your oil changed.

it’s always the little things isn’t it? new means that you get uncomfortable and you miss the old and you have to start recognizing faces that aren’t much like the old faces. when you are out and about, you probably won’t run into people you know very often. 

new is fun and exciting. new is good. new is different. new is surprising.

it can be hard and it can be refreshing.

one of the main reasons why we moved to chicago was because we felt like life was growing stale. we both grew up living in the same city, going to the same restaurants and the same movie theaters and getting gas at the same gas stations.

to me, it was getting boring.

i’m usually more comfortable when things aren’t always the same. i’m not sure my wife feels the same. i’ve always felt like things change whether i like it or not so i might as well roll with it.

 change can be a roller coaster all its own. it isn’t necessarily as easy as i thought it would be. it’s not nearly as hard as it could be.. sometimes we feel like this city is home. sometimes the city is a stranger. my wife and i get to rely on each other in ways we never otherwise would have. we get to explore and we get to see life in ways we never have before.

new is, different. the new won’t replace the past, it doesn’t change where you came from and sometimes what is new in our lives makes us appreciate the old. sometimes the new makes us appreciate, well, the new. there is something about the new that allows you to breathe deeper, sometimes it feels suffocating. but the best thing about the new is that you feel… something.


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