10. life. i’m very thankful for my life.

9. i’m thankful that i have my degrees. it’s nice to have something no one can take away. never dreamed of ever earning a bachelor’s degree. much less a master’s degree.

8. i’m thankful that i am allowed the ability to have free speech, the ability to think for myself and the option to keep my opinions to myself or be vocal about them if i choose.

7. i’m thankful that, even though we have much further to go, americans thought outside of themselves enough to elect a black man as president and gave serious consideration to a female for the office. i’m only 32 years old but there was a time in my  life where neither of these situations were considered possible.

6. i’m thankful for the season of thanksgiving. having the opportunity to be grateful is very good for the soul.

5. i’m thankful for friends and family. i don’t think i’d make it without them. i mean, life without my fantasy football buddies would not be the same.

4. i’m thankful that i live in a nation where i can dream and believe i can make something of myself, no matter how bleak it seems at times.

3. i am thankful that my parents instilled in me the desire to keep driving for higher goals and to dream big and to never settle for anything. like addidas says: impossible is nothing.

2. i’m thankful for my wife. she is the best gift i’ve ever received. that’s no lie.

1. i’m thankful that God has granted me more grace than i deserve. i’m a very flawed man but i’ve been rewarded with so much in spite of myself.

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