i’m not God.

“The difference between you and God is that God doesn’t think He’s you. ” 
―Anne Lamott

i don’t even know how many times i’ve sat and laid out my plans for the day, the month … the rest of my life. i love to think that i have it all together, that i’m in control of everything.

in doing so i start to think i am just like God. that’s kind of a dumb thought huh?

this is what i do. i’ll think i’ve got my plans figured out, what i want to do and what i want to accomplish and how many right things i can do to make people like me and more importantly, to make me feel satisfied with myself. then, when i think i’ve molded it as perfectly as i think i can for a beautiful unveiling, i get knocked down. i sit and wonder why it didn’t work out this time, not understanding that one fundamental thing. i’m not God, not even remotely close. it seems simple enough, like it should be obvious or something but really, i have to keep getting that thought, that fact actually, drilled into my brain. one of these days i’m going to figure it all out. but first i’m going to have to remember that i’m not God and i can’t 1) do everything or 2) control anything.

seems easy enough right?

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