keep breathing.

(editor’s note. this was written in july for my other blog site,, however after seeing ingrid michaelson live in concert last night, i thought i would re-post this on this page.)

i just heard a song.

“Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson.

it got me thinking.

over and over she kept singing “all we can do is keep breathing” “all we can do is keep breathing” “all we can….” and it hit me…

sometimes all we can do is keep breathing.

sometimes we get so down. sometimes life beats up on us. sometimes it just isn’t that fair. sometimes we experience a death that overrides anything worth living for. or so it seems at the time. and sometimes that death isn’t a human death. maybe it’s a job. a friendship. maybe our favorite coffeeshop closed permanently for no good reason. maybe someone stole your bike off your front porch when you were inside grabbing a cold beverage real quick. sometimes it’s just not that much dealing with an illness that encompasses everything. who knows.

all i know is that sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is that we can’t stop. sometimes the only reason why we survived is because we kept breathing.

sometimes against the odds.

but there is always something in us that keeps us going. sometimes it has to be forced. sometimes it’s just because our heart is beating and that’s all we got.  i realize i’ve said sometimes about five thousand times, but that is because there is always a sometimes. life has a way of throwing nasty curveballs. and all we can do is keep breathing and wait for tomorrow.

“all we can do is keep breathing… all we can do is keep breathing… all we can do is keep breathing… all we can do….”

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