it’s time.

well. all good things come to an end at some point in time.

and for me. it is one of those times. it’s time to retire this page.

i will admit, i love this page. it represents something i never thought was possible. that being that i could write my thoughts and opinions on a page and people would be interested. i guess before this page, i didn’t think that i was all that interesting or that people would really care about what i thought. and mostly, people probably still don’t. but some do. and that is an accomplishment for me. 

i remember when i stopped writing my thoughts on xanga. remember xanga? i was obsessed. and then it wasn’t that cool anymore and so i stopped writing. myspace wasn’t the space for that and neither was facebook. i tried a couple posts on those, back when we could. it just didn’t have the same appeal. anyway, retiring this page, it isn’t because writing on here is no longer cool. it is because as we mature and change in life, we start wanting different things. we want to expand and explore and feel fresh again. so i think it’s time to put away with old and start with the new. i will be moving my thoughts and opinions and my attempts at creativity to my goal for this page is to be more entertaining, more insightful and much, much more consistent with content. 

so thanks for reading this page the past couple of years. i know that there are at least 2 of you who used to read here. maybe i can get up to 10 readers on tumblr.

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