time to be king.

alright. it’s time. 

anyone who knows me, knows that i’ve led the charge against Lebron James the past couple of years. it really hasn’t been that hard either. he’s made it quite easy the past few seasons, going back to his last years in Cleveland to the infamous “not 1, not 2, not 3…” bit.  i guess all i wanted was to see him be the “Chosen One” on the court. in my mind, he needed to be “King James” on the court for the whole 48 minutes of a game.  anytime you self-anoint yourself the “king” of anything, you would hope you have already conquered the prize. and he didn’t. and he hasn’t. still. 

not yet. 

however this post-season, Lebron has become the man we have waiting for. in the clutch. it’s time that we all admit it. Lebron is what we have been waiting for, even hoping for. he is the go-to guy in the clutch for the Miami Heat. quite simply, there is nothing more he can do to prove it.

what more do we want? the dude averaged 33.8 points, 11 rebounds and 3.9 assists against the Boston Celtics. oh and the idea that he cannot shoot the ball well? he shot 52.7% from the field. the theory that he cannot come up big when it matters?  

32, 34, 34, 39, 30, 45, 31. 

that’s what he scored in order in the seven game series against the Celtics. 

all he does is score? 

13, 10, 8, 6, 13, 15, 12.

those were his rebounding numbers. 

look. i get it. trust me.

i’m definitely a Kevin Durant guy. he stands for everything i like about an athlete. and i will be rooting for the thunder in this series. Durant doesn’t need the bright lights. he signed long-term in Oklahoma City before he knew they would be THIS good. he is a loyal dude who doesn’t seem like he will bolting for a bigger market.

but with that being said, Lebron is the best player in the NBA. there isn’t anything he needs to do to prove that. it’s just time to be king on the court.

One thought on “time to be king.”

  1. On Hill and Schlereth last night they were talking about how for the first time in his career, Lebron is tuning out everything that is being said about him and focusing solely on the game. I think they are on to something. Maybe Lebron finally grew up. Either way, no one can deny that he has brought his A game when Miami has needed it this post season. Despite that, OKC may very well still be the better team, but if Miami loses the series, I highly doubt it will be because of Lebron. Not that that will stop the haters from trying to assign the blame to him.

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