don’t just… be…

if i was a valedictorian, and if i had the stage all to myself for just a few moments.

these would be the highlights of my speech:

live for something. and someone.

care about people. even love most of them.

watch over your shoulder.

carry a chip on that shoulder too.

fall asleep on the beach often.

try to smile more.

eat a second helping of dessert sometimes. you know you want to anyway.

travel often. especially somewhere where they don’t speak english.

read the bible. there is good advice in there. read books. read magazines. read a textbook… for fun… and not because you have to. it’s interesting how much you can learn.

try to be a valedictorian.

even if you don’t move out of the city you are in, move around in the city you are in.

listen to more music.

go to live events.

fall in love. if you are already in love…make it better. it can always get better.

be thankful for your job. if you don’t have a job, work towards finding a dream job.

go back to school.

be a bigger fan(atic) of your favorite sports teams.

be happy. sometimes… force yourself to be happy.

mostly, live your life. don’t just… be. there is too much in this world to see. too many adventures out there to set out on. too many vacations and too many lazy sundays to enjoy. take advantage of what you have. be thankful for the much or the little you have been given.  

we only get to do this once. might as well do it good.

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