if i had my way

if i had my way

wow, that would be nice. for me at least. i don’t pretend to be one of those guys who thinks they know it all and have all the answers. i am one of those who thinks that the presidency is an incredibly hard job that neither you or i am fit for. i don’t think i could coach better than any head coach in sports (except for maybe jim leyland) or make better laws in congress than those occupying those positions. that’s somewhat ridiculous to think.

but there are some things i can wish for right?

if i had my way.

i think it would be cool if we could focus on the little things that add up to big things.

like paying teachers decent wages. and making sure kids get the best education.

i think it would be awesome if we would care more about social responsibilities and being cool with each other even if we don’t believe the same things and dress the same way. 

i wish that instead of complaining about all the problems in america, people started thinking about solutions. and when people rail against a president, or the passage of a bill in congress, or abortion, i wish they had alternative ideas already set in place.

it’s easy to complain about something you don’t like, because there is no need to take responsibility.

most likely, you aren’t the first person to complain about the issue anyway.

it’s even harder to find solutions to the issue. we don’t spend enough time in this country problem solving, we spend too much time pointing fingers and complaining and trying to prove we are smarter and better than the opposition.

if i had my way.

we would not live in some sort of utopia. that’s not what i am trying to describe. utopia infers that it is a dream world, an unrealistic ideal.

i just wish for some form of universe where we aren’t afraid to discuss differences and opinions are valued. that would be nice.

if i had my way.

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