the ends.

i don’t typically like the ends of things.

the end of a loaf of bread, the last food item in the container in the refrigerator.  the last small cup of milk usually is spoiled and gets tossed away because for some reason, it just is not that appealing to me anymore.

i wonder if there is symbolism in that.

i guess sometimes we wait until we are forced to get rid of the things we wish we could hold onto because those things are no longer good or healthy or worthwhile anymore.

i love change.

i just don’t really like to see things end. it’s kind of a conundrum if you think about it.

how do you get change without endings?

anyway. i  am beginning to  realize that sometimes you just have to let things go. let it end. sometimes you have to just let it die.

sometimes the only way new things can begin is by letting go of what was there in its place before.

growing is hard and not without its difficulties, but some of the most beautiful things we see on earth are flowers.

flowers that came out of the dirt. dirt that had to be cultivated and turned and fertilized.

yeah, i think that is good symbolism for today.

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