the future is ready for our arrival.

It’s amazing the memories I can recall about my childhood.

it’s easy to reminisce about the past.

the hot summers playing baseball in my backyard, using big bulky bricks for bases that made it painful to slide into, the winters shooting hoops on my neighbor’s hoop with full winter gear on.

i remember the little garden i had that i was so proud of. i had all sorts of things growing… i was a regular green-thumb.

i remember the mini-afro i had and my brothers picking on me for it and the girls calling me “fuzzy-wuzzy bear” because of the “fur” on top of my head.

i remember the  cold winter mornings of northern michigan and  how these winters always seemed to last for years.

some winters seemed to last for decades.

i’ll never forget playing on my school’s  flag football team in elementary school and being the back-up quarterback to nathan morse (the teacher’s kid).  

i got to run one play… which i messed up… my time was mostly spent playing defense.

i remember a lot about my childhood and maybe someday i will write a book about it. but what amazes me is how much we linger in the past. the past is what can be comforting, even if the memories are bitter and dark. we live in the past because at least we can control what we want to remember. the past is comfortable. it’s easy and you cannot be challenged by something that has already occurred

we can control how we reminisce. we can edit the past but we cannot manipulate the future.

 the future is scary and the many uncertainties can be daunting. it’s easy to  let fear take over. fear paralyzes our development and threatens the building of beautiful memories.

it is stunning the amount of time i have spent wishing that the past could be duplicated. i have never lived with regret but sometimes we all desire “do-overs”.  

as a personal note to myself, i know that in order to be successful in this intimidating future, i have to embrace the changes.

i need to live free of the fear of failure.

when we are kids, we don’t see life as a potential for mis-steps and mishaps. we just want to get older so we can experience all these great events. when we get older we just wish we were young again.

at some point we have to accept that life goes forward, not backward. the memories of our childhood builds us into the people we are today and shouldn’t hold us hostage to the past. the productive elements of our lives are spent in memory of the past but mindful that the future is undeniable and how we approach today will determine our tomorrow.

that is probably as cliched as i can get but the truth is, our future is ready for our arrival. are we? 

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