what’s the story?

do you ever get fed up with the media?

what about politicians?

oh! what about the media AND politicians??
you do?

yea me too…

it is getting kind of ridiculous is it not? politics in this country has spun so completely out of control it is mind-boggling. seriously.

this summer, President Obama visited a local town near where i live. Remember, the President is a Democrat visiting a very Republican and vastly conservative area. after the President’s visit, it became known that a local Republican representative was upset at not being invited to the President’s visit. he has been out-spoken in the past against the President so an invite was clearly not automatic.


It would be like me being mad I didn’t get invited to a co-worker’s birthday party, a co-worker i cannot stand and don’t agree with anything they said or did.

the other day i was watching Fox News in the breakroom at work, which is the only time i would ever watch Fox News. Anyway, they were talking about Democratic potentials for President. 

Yes. DEMOCRATIC  potentials.

Really Fox News?

They were throwing out a statistic of something like 66% of Democrats in this country would vote for President Obama vs. another Democrat. Followed by the statistic that 27% would like to see other candidates.

Just inciting the mob aren’t you, Fox News?

I’m not blind to that game. I know what you are doing. Using this “data” Fox News can now say… “SEE…now Democrats don’t even want to see President Obama run for re-election, I told you NO ONE likes him!”

(I wonder what the statistics were for President Bush in 2004 were. Hmmmm. anyway…)

I am not an unabashed follower of the Democratic Party. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to you what party I side with more anyway. But what bothers me is when politicians like the one i described above go to such lengths to try to discredit each other. The politician I was describing used the media to incite the masses about an event he had no interest in going to just to get people to think… “wow the President really is awful”… come on sir… you are better than that.

Fox News uses their platform to push their own agenda, and that is okay. they are allowed to do that. they make good money off of sponsors who want a certain message sent. CNN does it, MSNBC does it, CBS does it. It’s okay. No one is innocent here. But come on, when Fox News is trying to get Democrats to mix it up with each other, it just goes from news journalism to news sensationalism.

It’s too bad the news media dictates so much of our politics today and how we see it. It takes work just to dissect the real from the sensational.

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