theme for the week is…

change is good for the soul.

i just moved this week back to downtown Grand Rapids and in doing so I realized how much I need change to refresh myself.

sometimes i think i get stuck in the daily monotony of life, get stuck doing the same things over and over and over and…  and it gets old.

i get in that rut.

this move downtown does wonders for me in that sense. It kind of forces me to be unsettled for a moment, to find my place all over again.

change does that. 

it forces us to re-evaluate.

to re-do.

i know that many people don’t like that. it makes your stomach queasy just thinking about it. but i like it. not sure i “love” it… but i like it. i’m not sure i like the process, but most times, i love the result. 

i love the freshness of it. i love the ability we get from change to think in new ways, to build on old memories and to create new opportunities. i like that no matter what, we can learn from the previous situation and make the next an even better one.

change is good for the soul.

it keeps us moving

helps us to not get stuck in our ways 

or in a rut

it gives us a challenge.

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