win or lose.

In sports we tend to create two categories:

winners and losers.

We define winners by those who have won championships, and losers are defined generally as those who have not won championships.

It seems mostly there is no gray area.

You either have won, or, you have lost.

 Is that fair?

Michael won six championships, Magic won five championships, the great Bill Russell won eleven championships in thirteen years, making him essentially the greatest winner of them all.

Joe Montana won four Super Bowls while Dan Marino lost in his only appearance at the big game.

So Montana is a winner and Marino is a loser?

The concept of winning and losing has just taken on a life of its own. Even with Lebron James, who I am not a fan of, not winning a championship does not make him a loser. Does he have a huge ego? Probably. Did he fail to come through in the Finals? Yes.

But he is not a “loser.”

Most of sport is a about the team. That is why i love sports so much.

Team aspect.

The fact that you need everyone else around you to perform well for you to personally succeed. So when my modern day sports hero, Barry Sanders walks away from a career with my favorite team, the Detroit Lions, without winning more than one playoff game in ten years… it does not make him personally a loser. It is a team concept.

You win and lose together.

Let me make one thing clear: competition is good

I believe it makes us all better in the end. My issue is with the individual accolades and criticism they receive from playing a team sport. These guys are not the sole reason why the team wins, and they aren’t the sole reason for why they lose.

We better not lose the meaning of playing a team sport.

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