what if?

can i ask you a question? or maybe a bunch of questions…

somehow i doubt there are actual answers…

what if.

what if we didn’t have to talk about welfare… because we already cared about each others well-being and we didn’t need government intervention to help the poor and the needy?

what if we didn’t have to talk about racial reconciliation… because there was nothing to reconcile?

what if we were really free to practice our religion without prejudice?

what if we didn’t live in fear of each other’s religion?

what if we didn’t have to worry or think about illegal immigration… because the doors were always open?

what if we weren’t afraid of people who were different than us?

what if we weren’t concerned about who paid what in taxes… because we all agreed that our healthy government used these taxations for the common good?

what if Iraq was actually free?

what if Martin Luther King Jr, was just another man doing his part in society and Malcom X was his best friend?

what if ‘celebrity’ was a strange word that no one knew the definition of?

what if politicians served the people instead of people feeding into the frenzy? what if these politicians didn’t show racist and bigoted tendencies?

what if politicians didn’t send tweets of body parts?

what if the news showed stories of goodwill towards men and there was a calmness in the world?

what if sports stars still played simply ‘for the love of the game’ and when they said they did, we believed them?

what if children were never in danger of madmen and were never placed at risk of anything?

what if they could play in the streets and not get guns pointed at them while they watched cartoons?

what if there was never a ‘3rd world’ country because we recognized everyone’s needs and dispersed accordingly?

i guess there are too many what if’s in the world for dreamers like me. i think i could go on and on with these what if’s…


3 thoughts on “what if?”

  1. Thank you James for your “What If’s. It gave me a sense of calmness momentarity and helped me to visualize if only what our world could be. I would love a world of selflessness and caring for others in everyones eyes so that we could ALL live happier/stressfree/ and live longer.. I wish there was a heaven on this earth.

  2. Thank you for your view on the world. I do not agree with everything but I can respect what you believe and that to me is an ideal world. Not someplace perfect but where we can at the very least acknowlege each others differences.

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