i’ve always considered myself a dreamer.

which means there is always something better out there.

i guess that’s the problem with dreaming. it always deals with the future.

maybe dreaming big isn’t that bad.

of course it isn’t.

but at the same time, sometimes it seems that both feet leave the ground when we start looking past the daily adventures life gives us

if i dream, i want to dream of a better today, not just a brighter tomorrow.

dreams do come true, but today is already here.

3 thoughts on “dreamer.”

  1. True statement about the importance of having dreams. However it is a big problem “having both feet leave the ground” when refering to those dreams. Its important to put those dreams into action rather than just having the dreams.

    “dream with your eyes open” – Lou Holtz

  2. I agree. it is difficult to put a plan… a dream into action if we don’t have both feet running forward to accomplish those dreams. someone said it best, when they said…”the problem with a dream is… when it stays a dream.” it is nice to dream, but it is better to make it a reality.

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