a mystery.

[ editors note: this is a post under the page previous writings on this website that I thought I would edit and re-post in this section. It is something I wrote a few years ago.]

What would I gain if I could explain him in a few words, or even a sentence? What if in a paragraph?

I could use every adjective to explain the existence of God.

What would we gain?

Life is a mystery and that is exactly how he wanted it to be. That is where the truest forms of faith reside.
The key word.


Let it hang in the air as you speak it.


What does it mean?

the Bible explains faith as the evidence of things unseen. How could there be evidence of things unseen?

The entire idea of evidence is the fact that it is seen.

Yet God is telling us the opposite.
He is saying that we must believe in the existence of some unseen evidence.

Some unknown evidence that supposedly no one has seen.

We must base our entire belief around this ideal of the unseen.

Can you imagine a murder trial, the prosecution bases their entire case around a murder weapon that they can’t find. The head prosecuter stands before the jury and announces

“we don’t know where that weapon is, but we believe it exists, so therefore so should you. The Prosecution rests your honor.”

Right. Not even close.

That would never fly in the courtroom, but it needs to work in our lives.

It has to.

As a Christian, its all I have. I have to believe in the existence of a supposedly unseen God.

But the idea is important. He is not unknown.

He is not unseen.

I think we just look in all the wrong places.

I wonder if ancient civilizations were  all wrong when they worshipped the sun and moon and stars and the ground and mountains and what not.


I didn’t say we should worship only the elements, I just wonder if that is where and how they saw their God.

Misguided? Maybe not.

I remember the time when i was riding in a bus in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, we were so high up, we drove through clouds.

We were driving in the clouds.

There was just something about that moment. There was nothing unseen about it.

God is everywhere man.

Even in middle of combustion and chaos of city and suburbia living.

Even in the mountains, or next to a Great Lake, or on an island in the Caribbean.

So I wonder, is God all that unseen?

Or do we just look in all the wrong places.

Why is it that we insist that He lives in the church building that man made? When did he move in then? When we approved it?

Sometimes to find something, we have to stop and realize

What we were always looking for was right in front of us the entire time.

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