am i wrong?

if i don’t believe in what you believe…

does it make my belief wrong?

or are you wrong?

why does anybody have to be wrong?

this is what is hard to understand

why do people attack what they don’t agree with with such ferocity?

i am a man of strong opinions, and i get that not everyone agrees with me. we don’t always agree on everything, or anything. thank goodness for that. variety makes life interesting and a little debating is healthy.

a good, healthy argument stirs something within us to acknowledge our belief system regarding a topic.

but why argue? Seriously, why is there such a raging debate about what another person believes? Are we truly that terrified of our own beliefs? if you truly have confidence in your beliefs, then the thoughts and opinions of others should not shake yours. In the same way, if what we believe in is true and right, then nothing will hold back truth for too long. The term, “the truth will set you free”, applies here.

It should not be a motivation to force others to believe what we believe.

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