A Dream.

It is amazing what happens when we believe in a dream.

A dream of equality.

A dream to eat together without fearing the looks and stares of others and feeling the wrath of ignorance.

A dream to drink from the same water fountain and enter buildings from the same entryway.

A dream of ignorance being abandoned.

It is amazing when someone decides to follow a dream.

To endure that dream

To suffer for that dream

To die for that dream

To pass that dream on to the next generation

What is even better is…

We never have to stop dreaming



3 thoughts on “A Dream.”

  1. Just went through and read all of them, can’t believe that I hadn’t made it here before bro. Your writing is amazing man, and spot on for the most part. I look forward to seeing some more soon

    PS. SUCK IT YANKEES!! (you know I had too)

    1. Well, we always had opinions on everything and no one could tell us anything! It just seems that you have learned how to express your opinions a little better than we did back in the day when all we did was bitch about our parents and how awful they were mixed in with a lot of discussions about sports and girls

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