If there is one thing this nation needs to never stop learning is… to have a little respect for each other.

I realized this as I happened to be watching Fox News a few days ago. Now, I will try to spare you my personal opinion about Fox News, since most people know it leans without apologies towards one side of the political spectrum. I will however say, with true frustration and disappointment at its continued desire to refer to the President of the United States as Mr. Obama.

Yes… that is his name, except that… he is President Obama or Mr. President to you and me and to everyone around the world.

Maybe I am a little bit old school, but then again, when did having respect for positions of authority become old school?

I remember when I was younger, my parents emphatically relayed to me the proper means of referring to our authorities. My pastor’s name was not Mr. Hillman, he was Pastor Hillman. The dentist was not Mr. Arnold, he was Dr. Arnold.

the point of this is not to attack the content of the Fox News Channel. The beauty of America lies in our opportunity for personal choice. If you decide you prefer a certain news channel, a certain political party or McDonald’s over Burger King, you have that right. The issue lies in, a continued disregard for proper etiquette. Like I said, we get to choose who we follow and the beauty lies in having a choice.

However, choosing to disrespect our leaders in positions of authority is simply not okay.

we are adults and we should probably act the part.

We might not agree with the politics of our leaders. We live in a great nation that allows us that right. However, we certainly must show the decency to respect our authority. It is not okay to show disrespect. We are better than that.

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