heroic; majestic; impressively great…


this is not meant to be a vocabulary lesson.

it’s just that the word epic has been running through my mind.

I think


is what I get preoccupied with.

When I sit down to write.

I want to write the

epic story

I hope for the

epic performance.

When I watch a sporting event

I hope to see an epic game.

A once in a lifetime performance.

Maybe that is what is wrong with us.

It is no longer about the enjoyment of the game.

It is now more about what the game can do to entertain us.

and that is not what epic is all about.

epic just happens.

you cannot plan it.

you cannot expect it.

it just is.

It appears whenever it wants.

Michael, Magic and Larry


Tiger and the Masters.


It is epic because we didn’t expect it. We didn’t see them coming.

Jordan drops 55 in the garden, Elway and THE DRIVE.

It just happens.

We get bored waiting for epic and assume something is wrong with sports.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with sports.

Maybe in this ridiculous world of “everything right now”, maybe we just have to wait.

be patient.

because maybe epic is waiting for us.

2 thoughts on “epic?”

  1. Epic can be viewed in several different ways…Being a optimistic, positive thinking guy you may have never thought about the opposite end of epic….Houston’s Oilers EPIC meltdown lose to the BILLS with a back-up QB in the Game……Andres Escobar EPIC mistake of kicking in his on goal which inevitably cost him the match and his life….EPIC!!!

    1. I remember that Bills-Oilers game. I hated the Bills and loved Warren Moon so I was so excited that the Bills were finally going down! Frank Reich had to ruin those ideals for me.

      Andres Escobar… R.I.P.

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