where are we going?

on the highway today a re-occuring thought crept back into my thoughts, where is everyone going?

you know, there are always so many cars on the roads at all hours of the day, but where is everybody going? then, because this is what i do, i thought deeper about it.i started thinking about, well… where am i going? and why?

i mean, i know i was headed home because i had work to do. but really, what am i doing in life, and why? then that led to me asking myself, am i motivated enough to change my situation? it is nice to know that as terrifying as it can be to change and adapt and grow, i can finally feel comfortable saying, yes i am motivated enough to decide my future, and not let the future decide my outcome.

i just wonder how many people really are doing what they want to do.

i wonder how many people hold themselves back, for whatever reason.

of course there are many legitimate reasons, family and obligations primarily, but i get the sense that there are so many people who live an unsatisfied life without the motivation to change their outcomes. maybe the sense that change means sacrifice is scary to them. maybe it is that feeling of doubt and insecurity that holds them back. i don’t know. what i do know is that when i ask myself where i am going, i hope i can answer that i am on my way to a better situation than where i was, that i am moving forward, that i am pushing head.

that is an answer i can live with.

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