The Cool.

“If life goes passing you by

Don’t cry

If you breaking the rules

Making your moves

Paying your dues…

Chasing the cool” – Lupe Fiasco -“The Cool”

ahh. the ‘cool‘.

what is that anymore?

what ‘cool’ do we chase today?

who sets the trend?

who breaks the rules we play by?.

magic and larry owned the 80’s. there wasn’t anything more cool than BEAT LA and BOSTON SUCKS chants in june. kurt rambis getting clothes-lined and larry legend lighting up 3’s on anyone who dared to guard him. da bears. ditka. monsters of the midway. cool.  ozzie smith playing shortstop for the cardinals and doing backflips on the field after big plays. epitome of cool. oh yea montana to rice was pretty cool too. the west coast offense was still a niche back then. unstoppable too. ickey woods. the coolest touchdown celebration ever. the ickey shuffle. cool. the dude’s name was ickey. what is cooler than a dude named ickey?
in the 90’s, everybody wanted to be “like mike“. just had to be like mike. of course everybody wanted to be like mike. mike was the man. maybe it was the shoes but air jordan and his six championship rings ruled the world in the 90’s. marv albert’s ‘oh a spectacular move’ call against the lakers in 91, the shoulder shrug against the blazers in 92. 70 win season after 18 months away, michael jordan made cool…well… cool. i suppose  there was a football team in texas that was good in the 90’s – HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!!? emmitt, troy, michael. they made cool look easy. 3 super bowl titles will do that. john elway riding off into the sunset with 2 super bowl rings made cool look real. the people’s champion. that was cool.

now what?

who do we watch today that has not been scarred by scandal,  embarrassment or media sensationalism? where is the love of the game? now we have athletes clamoring for the spotlight that makes neon deion look like an amateur. athletes act like they don’t need to win to  be cool. lebron? ochocinco? t.o.? this is supposed to be cool? twitter and facebook has gotten to them. the cool in the 80’s and 90’s was based on winning first. you didn’t get accolades if you didn’t win.

kobe. he should be cool.

peyton. cool.

brady. cool.

brees. cool.

tiger. cool

a-rod. cool?


cool today is not cool like it was. cool had charisma. cool had a smile. cool had fire. cool had a killer instinct. cool was calm. cool had ice in it’s veins.  now cool is regulated by twitter followers and espn exposure. cool has lost its zest. cool is becoming obsolete. a thing of the past. now athletes trying to be ‘cool’ annoy us. because they don’t carry the same swagger that cool used to have. cool was original. now all we have left is reminiscing of a time when cool really was… cool.

2 thoughts on “The Cool.”

  1. COOL??? What defines cool…As a b-ball coach I see kids trying to play “cool”…they think cool is not hustling for loose balls(50/50 balls)…not playing tuff defense…playing lazy and without passion…when in actuality cool is the total opposite…its making tuff plays in improbable situations…its leaving the court with dried sweat on your face from playing so hard….Cool to me is the feeling of you get after a hard fought win…IMO you have to play with a certain FIRE to play cool!!!

  2. you right bro. it is the little things kids don’t see nowadays. they don’t see all the hard work being put into “the cool”. the behind the scenes work, studying the game, working in the weight room after a game. the cool comes after the fire has been lit!

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