5_ things…

so i’ve been observing this summer of sports and a few conclusions i have come to:

1_ Lebron James is not and never has been who he proclaims himself to be. In order to be KING, you have to conquer something. so far.. epic fail in that context.

2_ Dwayne Wade is closer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant than Lebron. This is in regards to closer status. Not trying to hate on LBJ as much to give props to those deserving. Don’t forget about Paul Pierce. Lebron CAN do it, it just seems he doesn’t want to… which in no way do I understand.

3_ The Yankees will always be my favorite baseball team. Keep hating.

4_ The World Cup was amazing. What a world class event! However I would assume that without the USA going past the first round, we would not have cared whatsoever.

5_ The NFL is the real KING. Fantasy Football has me drooling for fall.

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